American School Celebrates 121st Anniversary

It's December 17, and today American School is celebrating its 121st anniversary.  R.T. Miller and his colleagues founded us in Boston, Massachusetts, and we remained there for a few years before moving to Chicagoland, where we've been ever since.  Our founders had no idea that one day we'd offer online middle school courses and online high school courses, but much of what we do now is based on the vision they had back in 1897.  They saw a need for people to receive education in non-traditional ways.  Some people had to work full-time from a young age to support their families, and attending traditional school simply wasn't possible.  Eventually we became a leading distance education high school and to this day have helped more than three million students worldwide earn an accredited high school diploma.  Over the years we've adapted to best serve our students.  Adding an accredited middle school program in recent years is one example of this, but we continue to evolve.  Next year we'll be introducing new programs and services that we believe will best serve our students.  Serving our students has always been important to us, and no matter how we evolve, that commitment won't change.  On our anniversary, we thank all of you for making us your school of choice.  We're proud to serve you, and we hope you are proud to be taking courses from American School!