American School Continues Recovery From Power Outage

A week ago at this time the American School had limited power, no phones, no internet and no air conditioning, all of which led to the difficult condition to close our office until full power was restored.  Damage from the storm was so bad that our local electrical company did not expect us to have full power until early Friday morning.  Therefore, we made the decision to remain closed last Wednesday and Thursday.  Our office regained full power on Thursday morning, but with the Fourth of July last Friday, yesterday was the first day on which we had our full complement of staff available to serve our students and graduates.  We are processing enrollment applications, sending course materials, grading exams, mailing transcripts and diplomas, and replying to phone and email messages as quickly as possible.  Please be patient as we continue to catch up on what circumstances beyond our control caused us to miss last week.  We should be caught up shortly, perhaps even by later today.  If you have further questions or have not received an update on your situation, please call us or email us by using the departmental addresses found in the Online Student Center.  Thank you.

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