American School Expands Online Learning Offerings

The American School is proud to announce eight new additions to our online learning offerings. 

To start, Physiology and Health and World Literature are now available in paper-based and online formats.  If students choose to do the online version of these courses, they will receive the same textbook as used in the paper-based version, but not a study guide.  Instead, all self-check tests and unit exams in the online versions of Physiology and Health and World Literature will be done online. 

In addition, online exams are now available in the paper-based versions of Earth Science, English 3: Composition and Grammar, Automotive: Know Your Car, Photography, Practical English and Psychology.

Visit our Online Learning page and our Course Descriptions page for more information on the courses listed above.  Also, keep checking this blog and our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates on our online learning initiatives.  We are always working to improve our curriculum, and there's a good chance we'll have another big announcement coming up soon!