American School Introduces New Seal

We're starting off a new week of blogs by unveiling a new seal.  This is our previous seal:

but going forward we will use this seal:

On first glance, you may not notice the difference, but take a closer look.  We removed the word "chartered" and put the word "established" in its place.  Charter schools do good work for students across the country, but we are not a charter school ourselves.  To avoid confusion and to remind people that we've been around since 1897, we changed our seal.  We believe education is the key to success, and we are happy to offer an accredited middle school program, an accredited high school program and an independent study high school program to students who take our courses.  We are happy to be your school of choice and your distance education high school and middle school.  Look for our new seal to appear in multiple locations in the coming months, including enrollment applications, our new web site, and perhaps the diploma you will earn after you enroll with us!