American School Officially Receives Ai Accreditation

Late last week, American School received a certificate of accreditation from Accreditation International, commonly known as Ai.  The certificate is valid until 2023 and ensures that we will be able to offer accredited high school courses and accredited middle school courses for years to come.  Some people may wonder why it is so important for us to offer an accredited high school program and accredited middle school program.  The answer is quite simple.  Accreditation proves that our courses and services are valid and carry the same merit and value as courses and services offered by traditional schools.  Without accredited courses, some people have difficulty finding a job or being accepted into the college or university of their choice.  You shouldn't have to worry about that with American School.  Enroll today and take our accredited courses yourself.  You'll be on your way to the college or career of your choice!