American School Releases Additional Online Exams for Paper-Based Courses

It's the first day of spring, and besides birds chirping and flowers blooming, other things are popping up at American School.  Today we're releasing online exams for 11 more paper-based courses, including Carpentry, Chemistry, Introduction to Computers, English 2: Composition and Grammar, General Science, Office Procedures, Physics, Writing 2 (Units 1-4) and the 2014 editions of Physiology & Health, United States History and World Literature.  In total, more than 50 of our paper-based courses have an online exams option.  Students have told us how much they enjoy the traditional way of learning with a textbook and study guide while at the same time having the ability to do their exams online, where they can be assured their exams have arrived in our office and then receive quicker feedback.  Visit our Online Learning page for more information.

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