American School Releases New Full-Unit Business Math Course

In yesterday's blog, we promised to release more paper-based and online courses later this year, and it's taken us just 24 hours to live up to that promise.  Today we're proud to release a new full-unit Business Math course which replaces the previous half-unit course.  Students in this new course will learn to make calculations involving personal income, use various bank accounts and products, apply math and knowledge to shopping, work with various types of insurance and investments, and receive some pointers on how to start, manage and grow a business.  If you believe Business Math makes "cents" for you and your future plans, then we encourage you to enroll today or contact us to add it to your existing curriculum.  ***Please note that students who  were scheduled to take the previous half-unit Business Math course will receive a letter detailing options for taking the first semester of the new course or adding the entire full-unit course to their curriculum.***

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