American School Welcomes Accreditation Team

The week of July 30-August 3, American School is proud to welcome an accreditation team to our building for our 5-year review.  We were the first distance learning school to be regionally accredited, so obviously our accreditation is something we take very seriously.  It is our honor to offer our students accredited high school courses on paper, accredited high school courses online and accredited middle school courses because doing so ensures that our courses and our high school diploma have the same merit and value as those offered by traditional schools.  Accreditation visits are a great time to review what has happened since the last accreditation visit and to listen and receive ideas for how we can become an even better school.  Because we need time to prepare for the visit and be available to accreditation team members during the visit itself, this blog will be on vacation until Monday, August 6.  We appreciate your understanding and value your readership, and we look forward to sharing good news about what is happening here at the American School when we return in a couple weeks.