Today’s Special Occasion: The 2000th Blog Post

It's September 18, and right now you're reading the 2000th post by the American School Blog.  We started this blog in 2006 as a way to communicate with our students on a regular basis, and unless circumstances dictate otherwise, we publish a new blog post every day American School is open.  Sometimes our blog promotes new courses that can help you earn a high school diploma at home.  Other times our blog announces new services like our accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8.  Our blog also focuses on birthdays or historical events and makes a connection between them and American School.  If you haven't made us your distance education high school or middle school just yet, give us another reason to celebrate today by enrolling and becoming our student.  Thank you for reading this blog over the years, and check back on Monday as we begin the next 2000 American School Blog posts.

Today’s Anniversary: The United States Constitution

It's September 17, and the United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia on this date in 1787.  The National Constitution Center has resources for celebrating Constitution Day and is a great place to visit if you're in Philadelphia.  The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and a good comparison is the American School student handbook.  Just as the United States Constitution provides guidelines and rules for being a United States citizen, the American School student handbook provides guidelines and rules for you to follow while you are an American School student.  The guidelines and rules are in effect for students in our accredited middle school program, accredited high school program and independent study high school program.  It is important that students follow the guidelines because doing so will give them the best chance for academic success.  If you have questions or concerns about the student handbook, please let us know.  We are happy to answer your questions and help you do your best.

Smithsonian Virtual Adventures

Today's blog is about Smithsonian Virtual Adventures.  The Smithsonian is a wonderful collection of museums in Washington, D.C., and we encourage you to visit the Smithsonian if you are able.  Right now, however, we are in a time when people are staying close to home.  The Smithsonian Virtual Adventures series is a way for you to learn about the Smithsonian and its collections without leaving your home.  It would make a fine supplement to your middle school or high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses and online high school courses.  Click the link in this blog to learn more! 

Looking Back at 22 Years at American School

It's September 15, and today the person who regularly writes this blog celebrates 22 years of employment at American School.  Like today, September 15, 1998, was also a Tuesday, but American School has evolved quite a bit since then.  Back in 1998, the American School was strictly a distance education high school.  We didn't add an accredited middle school program until 2016.  Moreover, 22 years ago we only offered high school correspondence courses that students could take to earn a high school diploma at home.  Now we offer online high school courses and allow students to pick which courses they do online and which they do on paper.  We've always offered an independent study high school program, but we also offer individual courses to anyone who may wish to take them for enrichment.  One thing that hasn't changed over the years is our commitment to our students.  We strive to offer accredited courses at an affordable cost and provide the best possible service.  It's the vision our founder, R.T. Miller, had when he and his friends founded the American School in Boston in 1897.  That philosophy was passed down and instilled in other School leaders over the years, including those in charge in 1998 and those leading the School today.   All of us are grateful to work at American School and look forward to serving you after you enroll and become our student.

Less Than Two Weeks to Enroll in AP Courses

Today's blog is a reminder that you have less than two weeks to enroll in Advanced Placement Courses for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The deadline to enroll is September 25.  We have this deadline because these online high school courses are advanced and students need plenty of time to study the material before taking the AP exam in the spring.  Only students who have demonstrated a high academic ability should consider adding AP courses to their accredited high school program or independent study high school program, and additional fees do apply.  Visit here for more information about our AP courses and begin the enrollment process today if you plan to take any of them in 2020-2021.  We look forward to serving you!

Remembering September 11, 2001

Today is September 11, the 19th anniversary of the tragic events in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  We pause and remember those who lost their lives that day and the survivors who still mourn them.  Almost a generation has passed since 2001, and many of you who are on our web site looking for information about online high school courses, high school correspondence courses and print and online middle school courses may not have been born when 9-11 occurred.  For those of us who were alive that day, the memories are still vivid.  If you are able, we encourage you to attend a local 9-11 memorial service today if there is one in your community.  You will learn more about the events of September 11, 2001, and likely become more appreciative of the freedoms you have as a citizen of the United States of America in the process.

Happy Grandparents Day

Today's blog celebrates Grandparents Day, which is happening this coming Sunday.  Over the years we've worked with many grandparents who have assumed responsibility for their grandchildren's educations.  Although you may not think it, many grandparents are adept at technology and have an interest in our online high school courses and online middle school courses.  Others prefer our middle school and high school correspondence courses.  Either way, we are happy to work with them and grateful that they have chosen to support their grandchildren as they work to earn a high school diploma at home.  If you're a grandparent reading this blog, we wish you a happy Grandparents Day and encourage you to review our web site.  If you see something your grandchildren would like, we invite you to enroll them today!

Today’s Anniversary: California

It's September 9, and California became a state on this date in 1850.  We are proud to serve students in the Golden State, but we encourage all of our students to go for the gold and do their best as they study with us.  Some enroll in a general high school program if they plan to attend a community college or join the workforce after graduating.  Some enroll in a college preparatory program if they plan to attend a four-year university after graduating.  Others enroll in individual subjects through our independent study high school program or take single courses simply for personal satisfaction.  Younger students enjoy our accredited middle school program.  No matter your reason, rush to our enrollment page and get started today.  We'd be happy to have you as our student!

New Auto Fundamentals Course Now Available

American School is pleased to announce that a new Auto Fundamentals course is now available.  The course replaces Automotive Systems and is a good addition to our impressive lineup of high school correspondence courses.  Take it as part of an accredited high school program culminating in you earning your accredited high school diploma.  Students may also take Auto Fundamentals as part of an independent study high school program for credit recovery.  No matter your reason, we look forward to you starting your engine and enrolling with us.  We'd be happy to serve you.

American School Closed Monday, September 7

American School will be closed Monday, September 7, in observance of Labor Day.  Students in our accredited high school program and accredited middle school program work hard on their courses, and our employees work hard grading students' exams and providing caring student service.  It is our hope that everyone enjoy and safe, healthy and relaxing weekend, and we look forward to assisting you when we reopen with regular business hours on Tuesday, September 8.  Thank you for making us your distance education high school or middle school!