Summer Begins Saturday

It's June 18, and the official start of summer is just two days away.  School is usually the last thing on people's minds during the summer months, but now is a great time to work on American School classes.  Students in our independent study high school program take our online high school courses and high school correspondence courses over the summer to make up credits and begin the new school year on time with their classes.  Students who have decided to earn a high school diploma at home with us or enroll in our accredited middle school program often enjoy studying outside while the weather is nice.  No matter your educational goals, American School can help you achieve them, and the summer is a great time to get started.  Enroll today!

Online Exams Available in Modern Carpentry

Online exams are now available for students taking our paper-based Modern Carpentry course.  As we've noted in previous blogs, we try to make online exams available for our middle school and high school correspondence courses.  Students in our accredited middle school program and accredited high school program appreciate the convenience of learning their material by using books and study guides and then going online to take their exams.  We like giving our students this type of flexibility, and we want to give you the same flexibility too.  Enroll today in Modern Carpentry or any of our other courses and you'll receive a quality education, friendly service and the tools to be successful in college or the workforce. 

2020 Convention #12: FPEA Convention (Rescheduled Update)

This weekend American School planned to attend the Florida Parent Educators Association Convention at the Rosen Shingle Creek near Orlando, but after moving the event from May to June, the event now has been moved to July 23-25.  If we attend in July, we will have information about our general high school program and college preparatory program which students may use to earn a high school diploma at home.  We will also have information about our accredited middle school program and share with visitors how any of our accredited high school courses and middle school courses may be taken for enrichment.  Keep checking this blog for further convention updates.

Today’s Anniversary: Arkansas

It's June 15, and Arkansas became a state on this date in 1836.  Arkansas is sometimes referred to as the Natural State, but sometimes it is referred to as the Land of Opportunity as well.  American School can be your land of opportunity as you work to earn a high school diploma at home.  We offer high school correspondence courses and online high school courses in seven major subject areas.  We offer a wide variety of middle school correspondence courses and online middle school courses too.  Students can take courses in the course delivery method that is best for them.  That means if you want to take English on paper but do math online, you can.  If you want to take math on paper but do English online, you can.  The choice is yours.  You will have the opportunity to work at your own pace, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you, and the opportunity will not cost you much money.  Our all-inclusive tuition includes all study materials, and we offer a monthly payment plan for students in full-year programs.  If you're ready to take advantage of the outstanding opportunity American School offers you, we invite you to enroll today.  We would be happy to serve you!

Today’s Anniversary: High School Graduation

It's June 12, and the person who regularly writes this blog graduated from high school on this date many years ago.  Four years earlier, deciding where to attend high school was a difficult decision, and perhaps many of you are torn about where to attend high school.  American School offers two affordable programs that allow you to earn a high school diploma at home.  The general high school program and the college preparatory program both consist of 20 units of credit, and students may take courses in the course delivery method that is better for them.  Students may take all high school correspondence courses, all online high school courses or a combination of the two.  Tuition is both affordable and all-inclusive, meaning it includes all study materials, grading, access to the online student center and much more.  Perhaps best of all, students work at their own pace when and where it is convenient for them.  That ensures students are safe and have the best chance for success.  The first step to earning an American School diploma is to enroll.  We always look forward to sending our graduates their diplomas, and we would be happy to count you in that number.    

Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, and so we have a testimonial from one of our students.  Turquoise from North Carolina writes, "I found everything satisfactory.  The instructions and methods were very clear, and the textbooks are too.  The examples helped me understand the problems.  I enjoyed doing Essential Math 2 through correspondence because it’s better than sitting in a classroom and not understanding anything."  We thank Turquoise for those words.  Many students over the years sat in classrooms and didn't understand anything.  That is not to say classroom teaching is bad.  Rather, it points out how students can grow with American School's online middle school courses, middle school correspondence courses, online high school courses and high school correspondence courses.  Turquoise worked in a classroom of one, with the full support of American School's staff anytime a question needed to be asked.  We provide the same kind of personalized service to all of our students, and you or a family member could be next.  Enroll today and let American School bring out your full potential as a student.   

Emails to Start Your Online Courses

Today's blog is about emails to start your online courses.  When you enroll in online middle school courses or online high school courses with us, you should receive a welcome email which includes information on how you can access your courses.  If you do not receive these emails shortly after you enroll, please let us know.  Sometimes emails get sent to the wrong address by accident, or they may wind up in your spam folder by accident.  We do not want you to become frustrated or fall behind because of this and will do everything we can to get you started right away.  Thank you for making us your distance education high school and middle school.  We are happy to have you as our student!

New Hospitality Services Course Available

American School is proud to announce that a new Hospitality Services course is now available.  If you're interested in a career in the restaurant, hotel or tourism industry, then this high school correspondence class is for you.  As we mentioned in yesterday's blog, we are always looking to add new courses that may interest students.  The new Hospitality Services courses is a paper-based course, but we also offer innovative online high school courses and online middle school courses that prepare students for college, the workforce or both.  One of our hallmarks is caring student service, so you will experience our hospitality from the moment you enroll until the moment you earn a high school diploma at home.  Let us welcome you into our family after you enroll today!

New English 12 Course Available

American School is pleased to announce that a new English 12 course is available to students.  This high school correspondence class is a senior-level English course that would be a great fit in an accredited high school program whether it's a general high school program or a college preparatory program.  This new course also can be valuable to students who wish to recover credit through our independent study high school program and graduate on time with their classmates at a traditional school.  We are constantly developing new courses or revising current ones in order to give our students the best educational experience we can.  Check back tomorrow to read about another new course we are happy to offer to our students.  

Writing Respectful Emails

Today's blog is about writing respectful emails.  We understand that there might be some frustrating moments as you work through your accredited middle school program, accredited high school program or independent study high school program.  Those moments, however, are not an excuse for you to write an email to us that contains profanity.  We are under no obligation to reply to emails which include profanity or which do not respect our staff.  On the other hand, we are happy to assist you if you politely tell us your name, student number and specific problem you're having.  You can expect assistance within one business day, as is our policy when replying to emails.  Thank you for your cooperation.