Come join us this year at any of the conventions listed below.  We'll have plenty of information about our online high school courses, high school correspondence courses, online middle school courses and middle school correspondence courses available, and our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have about the enrollment process.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you or someone you know become an American School student!

February 20-22:  WSCA Conference–Madison, WI            

March 15-17:  GHC Texas Homeschool Convention–Fort Worth, TX        

March 24-26:  ASCD Empower18–Boston, MA             

April 3-5:  NCEA National Catholic Educators Association Convention–Cincinnati, OH         

April 6-7:  MPE Homeschool Conference– Kansas City, MO       

April 7-9:  NSBA Annual Conference–San Antonio, TX       

April 12-14:  GHC Midwest Homeschool Convention–Cincinnati, OH         

April 13:  ISCA Conference–Springfield, IL          

April 20:  ISCA Conference–Rosemont, IL           

May 4-5:  OCHEC Oklahoma Homeschool Convention–Oklahoma City, OK  

May 10-12:  THSC Homeschool Convention–Arlington, TX           

May 19:  FWAHS Home Educators Resource Expo–Fort Wayne, IN        

May 24-26:  FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention–Kissimmee, FL         

May 31-June 2:  THSC Homeschool Convention–The Woodlands, TX 

July 13-14:  AFHE Convention–Phoenix, AZ             

July 14-17:  ASCA Conference–Los Angeles, CA       

July 19-21:  GHC Missouri Homeschool Convention–St. Charles, MO       

July 26-28:  Southeast Homeschool Expo–Atlanta, GA              

August 9-12:  HSC Conference–San Jose, CA            

October 25-27:  Annual Conference for Middle Level Education–Orlando, FL  

November 4-6:  MSCA Fall Conference–Osage Beach, MO    

November 15-16:  ISCA Fall Conference–Indianapolis, IN

updated February 14, 2018