Clothing is about how to make the most of your looks and how to get the most for your clothing dollar. It is also about the basic steps in making your own clothes. Students learn about the basic principles of color and design and how to apply these in choosing clothes which flatter their figure, the cloth-making process and fabric selection, planning their wardrobe, taking proper care of their clothing, how to use a pattern, how a sewing machine operates, and how to do simple hand stitches.

In completing this subject students complete a wide range of projects including determining their figure proportions and body shape, doing an inventory of items in their wardrobe, identifying techniques used in advertisements, drafting a complaint letter, describing how they could redesign or recycle items in their wardrobe, and providing samples of basic hand stitches. For the last exam in the course students submit a completed sewing project from a kit provided. Access to a sewing machine is recommended, but not required.

There are 7 examinations in Clothing.

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