International Business (online)

From geography to culture, global business is an exciting topic in the business community today.  This course is designed to help students develop the appreciation, knowledge, skills and abilities needed to live and work in a global marketplace.  It takes a global view on business, investigating why and how companies go international and are more interconnected.  The course further provides students a conceptual tool by which to understand how economic, social, cultural, political and legal factors influence both domestic and cross-border business.  Business structures, global entrepreneurship, business management, marketing and the challenges of managing international organizations will all be explored in this course.  Students will cultivate a mindfulness of how history, geography, language, cultural studies, research skills, and continuing education are important in both business activities and the 21st century.

This half-unit course is self-contained and does not require a textbook or any additional print materials.

There are 8 graded modules in International Business (online).