Literature, British

British Literature provides a survey of major British authors from the 7th through the 20th centuries. It emphasizes understanding the content and form of the readings as well as how they reflect the literary trends of their time. The reading assignments include short stories, poems, nonfiction prose, a Shakespearean play and a complete novel.

Among the activities students do in completing this course are comparing and contrasting literary elements in different works, taking a position on the interpretation of a literary work and supporting the position with relevant details, and writing a compare and contrast essay on the novel read for this course.

There are 8 examinations in British Literature.

British Literature, Pearson Longman and Pearson Custom Publishing (includes CD with readings of various selections by professional actors); Austen, Sense and Sensibility. (Students may substitute one of three other novels for Sense and Sensibility, but they are responsible for obtaining their own copy of the substitute novel.)