English 2 (online)

English 2 provides instruction in the competencies for literacy that are essential for responsible citizenship and for success in post-secondary schools and the workplace.  This course helps students develop skills in grammar, punctuation, word usage, spelling, vocabulary and communicaton (which includes skills such as giving speeches, using visual aids, and communicating in the workplace).  In addition, English 2 focuses on strategies for reading comprehension, recognition of literary elements and techniques, and comprehension of different genres of text.  Finally, this course helps students develop a variety of writing skills, including using the writing process, composing personal narratives and literary responses, understanding and applying the concepts of perspective and argument, and writing and revising research papers.  Instruction on writing research papers includes lessons on evaluating and documenting sources in MLA format.

This full unit course is self-contained with no additional textbook or print materials.

There are 2 graded discussion boards, 7 projects and 17 examinations in English 2 (online).