Speech: How to Talk More Effectively

The challenge to persuade others is one we face every day. How to Talk More Effectively is designed to help students meet that challenge. It takes apart the process of preparing and delivering speeches and tells students how to master the ability to talk on a one-to-one basis as well as before large audiences. Among the topics covered are giving different types of speeches, leading conferences and meetings, expressing oneself on the telephone, and successful interviewing. A CD with examples of speeches and a listening exercise is supplied with the course and students have the option of submitting their speeches on CD or cassette tape for evaluation by an instructor.

In completing this half–unit subject, among other activities, students analyze speeches to evaluate techniques used by the speakers and prepare their own speeches for a variety of situations. By the end of the course students are asked to prepare a three-minute talk on a subject of their own choosing.

There are 6 examinations in Speech.

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