Literature, World

World Literature gives students an overview of important literary works of the last 500 years representing a variety of countries and cultures.  Students study how writers from different backgrounds use literary elements and techniques to convey meaning in their short stories, plays, poems and non-fictional works. Students write compare and contrast essays about characters, plot elements, and themes in a variety of literary works. The aim is for students to gain a historical and geographical context for literature and to learn to analyze literature by asking relevant questions as they read for the course, and for their own pleasure.

There are 8 examinations in World Literature.

Puchner, Martin (Ed.), The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Shorter Third Edition, Vol. 2, W.W. Norton & Company.

Please note: This textbook comes packaged with a complimentary novel, The Importance of Being Earnest.  This novel is not a required part of this course.