Music Appreciation (online)

Music is part of our everyday lives and reflects the spirit of our human condition. This course will provide students with an aesthetic and historical perspective of music, covering a variety of styles and developments from the Middle Ages through the twenty-first century. Students will acquire basic knowledge and listening skills, making future music experiences more informed and satisfying.

This half credit online course is self-contained with no additional textbook or print materials. There are 8 units. Each unit has a Lab assignment that asks the student to complete an activity at an external website that may include exploring an interactive website, listening to music, or watching videos. Students will need an up-to-date media player and speakers/headphones.

There are 2 exams in Music Appreciation.

Please note: Videos assigned for viewing in this course are accessed through links in the course and may begin with an advertisement or contain material that is controversial or troubling for more sensitive individuals. This course is recommended for junior or senior level students.