Geometry (online)

This online course gives students a comprehensive introduction to Euclidean geometry and the principles of logical reasoning.  After an introduction to the GradPoint interface and the basic tools and definitions of geometric figures, students learn how to reason deductively and to construct and analyze a logical argument.  Students then use these skills to study parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles (both triangle congruence and the relationships inside a triangle), quadrilaterals, and proportions. Later in the course, students investigate right triangles and basic topics in trigonometry, followed by transformations, the areas of plane figures, and the surface areas and volumes of solids.  The course concludes with the study of circles and how they interact with other figures, followed by an introduction to the fundamentals of probability as applied to problems in geometry. Throughout the course, students learn to solve problems and develop proofs using both an axiomatic and an analytical approach.

Completion of Algebra 1 is a prerequisite for taking this course.

This full-unit course is self-contained and does not require a textbook or any additional print materials.  A scientific calculator or similar utility is required.

There are 6 graded discussion boards, 2 projects and 18 examinations in Geometry (online).