Pre-Algebra (online)

 Variables, exponents, inequalities, linear functions and equations may sound like a foreign language to many students. Pre-Algebra translates these concepts in such a way that students are comfortable enough to use them as they would everyday idioms.  In order for the concepts to become “second nature” the rules are set down with the operations and properties of numbers.  These rules are extended to rounding, estimating, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, and square roots. Ample interactive practice is given with the result being that students are able to manipulate the aforementioned concepts with confidence.

Building on these basics, the course continues to address equations, inequalities and linear functions. The course shifts to a practical aspect with an introduction to geometry.  Area, surface area and volumes are explained for two- and three-dimensional forms with Algebra integrated into these topics.  The course ends with data analysis and probability.  Box-and-Whisker plots, frequency tables, line plots and histograms are all investigated.

This full unit course is self-contained with no additional textbook or print materials.   A basic calculator or similar utility is required.

There are 6 graded discussion boards, 1 project and 19 examinations in Pre-Algebra (online).