Science, Earth (online)

Earth Science is the study of our planet Earth and its place in the universe. This online Earth Science course incorporates themes from a variety of sciences, including geology, oceanography, meteorology and astronomy.  Students investigate topics that include the Earth’s structure and motion; geologic time; mineral and rock formations; plate tectonics and mountain building; earthquakes and tsunamis; volcanoes; features of the ocean; properties of our atmosphere; weather and climate; and features of our sun, solar system and universe.

Upon completion of this multi-media rich course, among other activities, students will be able to identify mineral and rock structures and properties (with assisted video activities), describe plate tectonic concepts involving earthquake and volcano development, locate and map ocean characteristics and life forms, explore atmospheric structures, interpret weather maps and storm development features, analyze climate differences and changes, describe how Earth is affected by sun and moon movements, and research how Earth’s environments can be affected by human activities.

This full unit course is self-contained with no additional textbook or print materials.

There are 4 graded discussion boards and 25 examinations in Earth Science (online).