Science, Forensic (online)

The world of law enforcement is increasingly making use of techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes. Forensic Science applies scientific knowledge to the criminal justice system. This multi-media online Forensic Science course focuses on the techniques and practices used by forensic scientists during a crime scene investigation. Students will examine how various elements of the crime scene are analyzed, how evidence is processed in the crime laboratory, and how it is used in trial. The course also looks at basic scientific principles that guide the forensic laboratory processes, such as DNA testing, toxicology, and material analysis.

This full unit online course is self-contained with no additional textbook or print materials. There are 16 units. Each unit has a Lab assignment that asks the student to complete an activity at an external website that may include playing an interactive game or watching videos.

There are 4 exams in Forensic Science.

Please note: Videos assigned for viewing in this course are accessed through links in the course and may begin with an advertisement or contain material that is controversial or troubling for more sensitive individuals. This course is recommended for junior or senior level students.