French 1

French 1 provides an introduction to grammatical principles and vocabulary. Their correct usage is emphasized in numerous exercises and dialogues. The course includes the study of the present and passé composétenses of regular and irregular verbs, pronouns, adjectives, idiomatic expressions and sentence structure. A CD to help students with their pronunciation is provided at no additional charge.

In completing this subject students complete numerous exercises requiring the use of appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures for a wide variety of everyday scenarios. In addition, students read passages in French and answer questions about the passages using complete French sentences. Translation from English to French is also a skill developed in this course.

There are 8 examinations in French 1.

Valette and Valette, Discovering French: Bleu, McDougal Littell.

**Students in French 1 and/or French 2 may be unable to use the course's CD-ROMs if they have a newer Mac computer or are running Windows 10 on a PC.  Current students should email us to discuss their options.  New students will be contacted by our student service department shortly after enrolling to discuss their options.  Thank you for your cooperation.**