French 2

French 2 expands on the grammatical principles and vocabulary students learned in French 1. It emphasizes correct usage in context and thinking “in French” through the use of visuals and dialogue formats. Verb tenses covered include the passé composé (review), the imperfect, the future, the conditional, and the present subjunctive.

In completing this subject students complete numerous exercises requiring the use of appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures for a wide variety of everyday scenarios. In addition, students read passages in French and answer questions about the passages using complete French sentences. Translation from English to French is also a skill further developed in this course.

There are 9 examinations in French 2.

Discovering French Nouveau: 2 Blanc, McDougal Littell.  This is an eEdition CD-ROM textbook.  Please read this notice if you are using a Mac to view the CD-ROM textbook.  The course also includes a Take-Home Tutor CD.  These two CDs are packaged separately from each other.