Final Preparations Underway for New Middle School Program

Today we're putting the finishing touches on our new middle school program.  For weeks we have been telling you that paper-based middle school courses are coming, and now they are here.  On Monday we hope to post an enrollment application and brochure outlining the new program, but information is already available on our middle school page.  Please note that the page is under construction, so what you see there is subject to change, though the bulk of it will not.  Of particular note is that our accredited middle school program will give students flexibility in choosing between print middle school courses and online middle school courses.  If you wish to do all paper courses, you can.  If you want to do all online courses, you can.  If you want to do one subject on paper and another online, you can.  The choice is entirely yours.  We're happy to be a school of choice and allow you to learn in the way that is best for you.  Not every distance education high school or middle school allows you to do that, but we do.  We invite you to take the weekend to look over the middle school program.  We believe it's a great education and a great value, especially when you consider that all study materials are included in the tuition.  Then check back Monday to enroll!