Flashback Friday

This week we've spent a lot of time discussing the new things American School is doing, particularly our Rosetta Stone courses, which are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the online learning offerings we have planned for this year.  At the same time, we don't want to neglect our glorious history, which is why we'll continue to do Flashback Fridays as our schedule allows.  Here's a newsletter from 60 years ago.  At that time, we were launching a new industrial training program to help workers at industrial plants.  Notice that American School always adapts with the times to offer whatever is needed at that particular moment in history, while still maintaining our core values of cost, curriculum, caring student service and credibility.  We've also had many inspirational students over the years, including the courageous young lady pictured near the top of the newsletter.  We are happy to serve all of our students but are particularly understanding of those with health issues.  Our ability to allow students to work at their own pace is a benefit to all of our students, but especially to them.  We hope you've enjoyed this brief look back in time as you peruse our web site to see the exciting things we offer today and plan to offer in the future.