Happy Birthday, American School Blog!

It's July 11, and on this date 6 years ago, the American School blog posted its first entry.  If you read our blog yesterday, you know that our first entry was about the MLB All-Star Game that was taking place that night.  In the posts since then, we've tried to keep you informed as best as possible about what goes on at the American School on a daily basis.  There is always activity in our office, whether it be grading papers, processing requests for more books or supplies, updating student accounts, or producing new courses.  We've tried to highlight many of those.  In addition, we've done our best to keep you update on what some of our famous students and graduates have accomplished since completing their American School studies.  We've also posted our convention schedule so that prospective students can meet our representatives in person.  On days when we haven't posted things of that nature, we've posted testimonials from our satisfied students.  On other occasions, we've celebrated famous people's birthdays or recognized other special events or anniversaries and tied those to one of our courses or something else that's going on at the American School.  Our All American newsletter comes out roughly once every two months, but the American School Blog is a daily newsletter that, along with our Facebook and Twitter pages, gives you the most up-to-date information possible.  Check back tomorrow for another new entry.