Important Notice for French 1 and French 2 Students

This blog has important information for students taking French 1 and/or French 2 among their high school correspondence courses.  Students in these courses may be unable to use the CD-ROMs included with the courses because they have a newer Mac computer or are running Windows 10 on a PC.  If you have trouble using the CD-ROMs that came with your course(s), you first can try using them on a computer that is compatible with CD-ROMs, such as a PC running Windows 8 or older or a Mac running OS 10.6 or older.  You also can switch to the online French 1 or French 2 course powered by Rosetta Stone, and the cost of that switch will either be free or $150 per course, depending on your enrollment date and previous use of accredited online high school courses.  Finally, you can continue in the paper-based course using the publisher’s online resources and a guide that our curriculum department has developed to help students use those resources.   Please email us if you have questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you.  Thank you for your cooperation.