Individual Subject Enrollment Application Available

Many of you are familiar with our accredited diploma programs for homeschooled students and our Independent Study Program which allows students in resident schools to take individual courses with us to make up or gain extra credits so that they can earn their diplomas from that resident school, but what about homeschooled students who are satisfied with their existing diploma program but want to take one or more of our courses to supplement that program, perhaps one of our Rosetta Stone courses for example?  What about adults who may want to take a course or two for enrichment or to enhance their job prospects?  Anyone who is not enrolled in a traditional high school can take individual courses with us by using this application.  Again, this application is only for individuals who are not working toward their high school diplomas through American School or through a resident high school.  More information about this special application may be found on our FAQ page.  Thank you for your cooperation, and whether you need to earn your diploma or just want to take a single class, we look forward to having you as our student.

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