International Homeschool Spirit Week Begins Monday

International Homeschool Spirit Week begins Monday, September 23, and continues all next week.  The site above lists a variety of activities you may choose to do to celebrate the week, but we'll offer a few of our own.  First, if you haven't enrolled already, next week would be a great time to begin your homeschooling career.  Second, if you are our student, visit the Online Student Center, which will soon have more features and be more student-friendly than ever before.  Third, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We post updates on both sites multiple times a day.  Fourth, check out our new infomercial on YouTube.  You'll see inside our offices and hear from our president, curriculum director and a graduate.  Finally, tell a friend about us.  We'd appreciate it, and we're confident he or she will have an outstanding educational experience after becoming our student!