Invitation to Compete in Online Chess Tournaments

One of the things we try to do, but which is not always easy to accomplish, is to bring American School students together into some sort of community.  It's challenging because our students are spread out all over the country and indeed all over the world, but the internet is a good place to connect with fellow students and graduates.  Many of you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, and we are grateful that you are present on our social media sites.  Still, we're always looking for ways to bring American School students together for activities that are both educational and fun.  Recently we were contacted by the director of, and he invited American School students to participate in summer virtual chess tournaments.  There is a cost involved, and it is your responsibility to learn more about the web site and its contents, but we want to pass along this opportunity to any of our students who also enjoy chess.  We also will continue to look for opportunities such as this to bring American School students closer together.

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