Jobs at American School, Part 1

On the first two days after Labor Day, we thought it would be nice to familiarize you with the various jobs performed at American School on a daily basis.  Keep in mind that these are not the only tasks our employees perform, but it is our hope that these blogs will allow you to become more familiar with what happens here, especially if you just enrolled and are new to us.  Today we'll discuss what occurs on the first floor and in the basement, and tomorrow we'll go upstairs to check out the second floor.   On the first floor we have our receptionist who answers phone calls, greets visitors and performs other tasks.  When you submit your application, it gets processed by the Admissions Department, and our newly-formed Transcript Department assists them by evaluating transcripts from students who already have high school credit.  On the other side of the floor we have the Purchasing Department which handles ordering books, office supplies and more.  The Student Service Department has a handful of employees downstairs to assist students who may come to our building to receive help.  Our Independent Study division, which assists thousands of schools across the country, is also on the first floor, as is our Shipping Department and book warehouse.  Whenever you need new paper-based course materials, they get packaged and shipped from that department.  In the basement we have plenty of storage, but nothing we have stored is more valuable than our student records, and those are managed by our Files Department.  We have information from millions of students, but we have room for millions more.  If you are curious what's on the second floor, be sure to read tomorrow's blog!

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