Jobs at American School, Part 2

We're picking up where we left off yesterday with our descriptions of various jobs at American School, and now we're up on the second floor.  When your exams arrive here, they start their journey in the Student Service Department, where envelopes are opened and exams are sorted by subject.  That's just one of many tasks performed by Student Service.  Other common tasks include sending supplies and answering phone calls and emails from students and parents.  After exams are sorted, they get sent to the exam distribution office, where they are given to instructors.  The Instruction Department, headed by the Principal, is comprised of instructors whose primary job is to grade exams, but they also assist in projects spearheaded by the Curriculum Department, which is also located upstairs.  The Curriculum Department designs courses, edits study guides and assists in writing exams, among other tasks.  The Accounting Department is located nearby, and that's where payments are processed and records of those payments are kept.  The upstairs is also home to our School Counselor, our public relations and marketing staff and our President.  We hope you've enjoyed this tour of American School and some of its jobs.  All of us are committed to giving you the accredited high school courses you need, at a cost you can afford, and we are grateful to have you as our students!

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