Kind Words from a Parent

Today we're happy to share these kind words from a parent of a student who lives in Oklahoma.  "I wanted to extend my thanks and truly heartfelt appreciation for all of your efforts in going above and beyond in helping my daughter.  Additionally, I thank you for helping me to be able to assist her as well.  While she has learned a tremendous amount in reference to course subject matter, this exprience and your efforts have allowed her to learn so much more than you may realize.  She has gained understanding of many important secondary skills that will greatly benefit her as she continues her studies.  My wife is a teacher and over many years I have come to appreciate the challenges of the profession. The challenges you all face are further compounded with distance learning and I cannot imagine the difficulties that must exist in teaching via an online format to children and young adults with sometimes very little time management and other self sufficency skills.  I send my sincerest thanks and appreciation!"  We appreciate those words very much.  Taking online high school courses, high school correspondence courses or online middle school courses can be challenging, but you can feel confident taking them with us because of our outstanding curriculum and dedicated staff.  Enroll with us today!