Latest Update on Online Enrollment Applications

Earlier this week we blogged about difficulties we noticed with the online enrollment application.  After days of extensive testing, we were able to identify the source of the problem, which was isolated to two specific areas of the high school diploma program application and how information in those areas was transmitted to the payment portion of the application.  We believe we have corrected the problem, and you should be able to enroll without a problem now.  If you tried to enroll in the past week, please know how much we appreciate your patience and willingness to become our student.  Our admissions department attempted to contact you when we received your application so that you could make your down payment and officially become our student.  Also, please know that at no time was your personal information compromised.  The glitch involved how information was sent from one site to another and was not caused by hacking or any other malicious act.  Thank you once again for enrolling.  We are happy to have you as our students.

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