Today’s Special Occasion: The Kentucky Derby

It's May 4, the day before the first Saturday in May.  Tomorrow we have the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby, and if you tune into the telecast or see highlights, you know that we could do a whole blog about Derby fashion and hats and how they relate to our Clothing course.  That's tempting, but instead we're going to focus on something relevant to both horses and American School students, and that's pace.  Pace in horse racing is very important.  Some horses prefer a quick pace.  They'll go right to the lead and try to win wire-to-wire.  Others prefer to lurk in the background and make a late charge.  Because the Derby has a crowded field of 20 horses, it's very likely some horses won't get the pace they want.  They'll get stuck in traffic at some point, and their jockey will have to change strategy on the fly.  If the jockey makes the wrong call, the horse probably won't win the race.  The good news for you as an American School student is that you work entirely at your own pace.  You can work quickly on a subject.  You can work slowly on a subject.  It's entirely up to you.  You won't get stuck in traffic, so to speak, in a classroom of students who are going either too fast or too slow for you.  You set the right pace for yourself.  If you haven't done so already, enroll today, and one day you'll find yourself in the winner's circle with an accredited high school diploma.