New Consumer Economics and Financial Literacy Course Available

American School is pleased to introduce a new Consumer Economics and Financial Literacy course.  The first half of the course covers financial literacy, personal financial planning, income and taxes, banking, savings, investing, retirement and estate planning, credit, credit management, consumer purchasing and consumer power.  The second half of the course covers housing decisions, purchasing a car, risk management and insurance for homes and autos, health, disability and life insurance, economic principles, functioning of the economy, business in the free enterprise, global trade and the economy, environmental responsibilities in an economic system, planning for your career, applying for and accepting employment and digital citizenship.  We are happy to introduce this course since it affirms our commitment to offering top-notch high school correspondence courses to those students who wish to take them as part of an accredited high school program.  We're one of the top distance education high schools, and this course will help us stay that way.