New Structure for High School Diploma Programs

Today's blog announces some changes to our high school diploma programs starting September 3.  Currently a diploma program consisting entirely of 18 high school correspondence courses costs $2250 and a diploma program consisting entirely of 18 online high school courses costs $3600.  At the time of enrollment, students had to declare which course delivery method they preferred, and it was difficult to take courses in the other delivery method.  Today we are announcing that students will no longer be locked in to a course delivery method at the time of enrollment.  For example, if a student wishes to take math online but literature in print, she will be able to do that.  If another student wants to take math in print but literature online, he will be able to do that.  The choice is entirely up to the student.  Because we know students have different education and career goals, the general high school program and college preparatory program will remain in place, but now each will consist of 20 units of credit rather than 18.  The increase in the number of credits required to graduate will help prepare students for college or the workforce and will allow our students to take 5 units of credit per year rather than the previous 4 1/2 units of credit.  In addition, students will have more flexilibity in choosing what subjects they want to take as long as they take a minimum number of subjects in required subject areas.  Because students can now mix and match courses and because the cost of printed textbooks and study materials continues to rise, a full 20-unit high school diploma program will cost $3600.  We thought it was important to make the cost of the new diploma program no more than the cost of the previous online diploma program, and a diploma program consisting of 20 units of credit for $3600 averages out to $180 per course with all study materials and grading included.  The average cost per course is far cheaper than many of our competitors and continues our long-standing policy of offering accredited high school courses at a cost students and parents can afford.  In addition, a new monthly payment plan structure will go into effect for students who enroll on or after September 3.  Students will pay $200 down and then make five monthly payments of $140 to finish the year.  Students will have access to all online courses at the start of enrollment but will receive additional printed materials as they make additional monthly payments.  If a student follows the payment plan, by the sixth month he or she will have access to all courses.  We appreciate your patience, cooperation and understanding as we implement these changes to better serve our students.  If you have questions or comments, please let us know.  We enjoy hearing from you and appreciate you making us your school of choice.