News For Our Facebook Fans

Our Facebook page has consistently seen an increase in the number of fans, and for that we are grateful.  From time to time, however, it is good to remind all of our Facebook fans of a few things so that our Facebook page can be kind of informative place we want it to be. 

First, although it may seem obvious to many of you, American School is located in Lansing, Illinois and offers accredited high school courses and diploma programs through distance learning methods.  We do not offer in-person classes, nor do we offer classes so that residents of foreign countries can receive a visa to come to the United States.  If you fall in either of the latter two categories, we appreciate your interest, but American School is not the best education option for you, and liking our page may clutter up your newsfeed.

Second, in order to keep the page safe for everyone, we reserve the right to remove posts if deemed to be offensive material or an advertisement. We also reserve the right to permanently ban users who post such material.  Please know that we do not consider questions or complaints to be offensive material unless you use profanity when making such a comment.  Although contacting us directly by using the email addresses or phone numbers listed in the Online Student Center is the best and safest way to receive a quick response, we will reply to your comment on Facebook and either answer your question or refer you to the proper department if you have a specific student account issue.  

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Facebook page safe for all those who visit.

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