10th, 11th and 12th grades (15 units of credit)

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You are enrolling in a 10th, 11th and 12th grade program consisting of 15 units of credit.

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$200 Deposit
$900 Deposit
$1800 Deposit
$2700 Pay In Full


You are enrolling in a 10th, 11th and 12th grade program consisting of 15 units of credit.

With your standard down payment of $200.00, you will receive one print-based course or access to all online courses. Print-based courses will be sent based on payment schedule. For example, the second course will be sent when the second payment is received, the third course will be sent when the third payment is received, etc. Based on the payment schedule, a student will have access to all courses by the sixth month of enrollment. To begin the next year of studies, you will need to make a $200.00 down payment. This fee will cover the cost of study materials and/or the online course(s) license(s) for the first course of the next year of study. Courses will then be sent based on the payment schedule explained above. Additional charges for postage will apply for students residing outside the United States or for those students requesting special mail services.

Students are expected to complete at least five (5) units of credit per year. Online courses are divided into semesters. Students must complete the first semester of any online course within six (6) months of the enrollment date. Students must complete the second semester of any online course within one year of the enrollment date. Students are expected to complete all five paper-based courses within one (1) year of enrollment. Students may begin the next year of the enrollment contract when they have less than 10 unit exams to complete from the previous year of enrollment.

An Academic Advisor will contact you once your application has been accepted to schedule your first year of courses. If you are claiming previous credits, it is best to send your transcript with your enrollment application for processing to avoid delays in finalizing your course selections.

I understand that the monthly payment selected above must be paid every 30 days until the balance is fully paid. No interest/finance charges are included; therefore, the annual percentage rate is 0%. American School CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CURRENCY SENT BY MAIL. PAYMENT MUST BE MADE IN U.S. FUNDS ONLY. THIS AGREEMENT BECOMES A LEGALLY BINDING INSTRUMENT WHEN SIGNED BY THE STUDENT/GUARANTOR AND ACCEPTED BY AMERICAN SCHOOL AT 2200 EAST 170TH STREET, LANSING, ILLINOIS 60438.

Compulsory School Attendance: It is the responsibility of the student/parent(s)/guardian(s) to meet the compulsory school attendance requirements of the student’s home state and comply with the legal requirements of the student’s home state’s homeschool laws.

Graduation Requirements: You must complete 20 units of required credits in order to earn a diploma from American School. Though you may transfer credit from other accredited institutions, you must successfully complete at least 5 units of credit with American School in order to earn a diploma from American School.  All students also must take and pass Consumer Economics, Economics or Personal Finance in accordance with Illinois State Board of Education guidelines.

Illinois Residents: Per 325 ILCS 50/Missing Children Records Act and 325 ILCS 55/Missing Children Registration Law, all students residing in Illinois are required to submit a birth certificate in order to enroll.  In addition, all students residing in Illinois are strongly encouraged to complete the Public Law 195 Exam covering the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions plus flag etiquette because the exam is required by public schools in Illinois and is an entrance requirement at the majority of Illinois-based community colleges.

Accreditation: American School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and Accreditation International (Ai), and is recognized as a non-public school by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

We believe you will be pleased with your American School studies; however, should you decide within the first 30 days after your course enrollment is accepted that you wish to discontinue your studies, you must:

• Notify American School in writing that you wish to cancel.
• We will retain a $100.00 processing fee and refund all other monies paid.
• For any paper-based course, all study materials must be returned in a new, unused condition before any refund is issued. No refund will be issued if any exams have been submitted for grading.
• For any online course, no refund will be issued if any modules/levels/units have been completed.

Enrollments may not be transferred from one student to another.


American School agrees to provide you with a high school education by the use of textbooks and digital media similar to materials used by other high schools, supplemented by study guides especially developed for home study use. The tuition covers registration, instruction, all text and digital materials, consulting privilege, and postage on all material sent to the student (U.S. locations only).

Students must earn a minimum of five (5) units of credit with American School in order to obtain an American School diploma. The price of the program depends on the ability of American School to verify the number of credits you have claimed through transcripts from schools attended. The school agrees to make an allowance for previous high school credits except for physical education, driver’s education, religion, performing arts (chorus, band, drama, etc.) or ROTC. You will be given a $180.00 tuition reduction for each full unit of verified transfer credit.

American School agrees to allow you up to four years to complete the requirements of this program following the guidelines established on page two (2) of this contract. For example, if you chose 15 credits, you would have three (3) years to complete your program; if you chose 10 credits, you would have two (2) years to complete your program, etc. If you have selected a monthly installment tuition plan, all payments must be made when due regardless of your study progress.

Upon successful completion of all academic and financial requirements, a diploma from American School, a school which is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and Accreditation International (Ai), and is recognized as a non-public secondary school by the Illinois State Board of Education, will be awarded to you.


In pursuing your studies with American School, you are expected to follow the honor system. Under the honor system, it is permissible to benefit from the exchange of ideas with other students, friends or family members. Although you may study with others, any work on the exams is expected to be of your own thoughts and ideas. Your exams must show what you have learned. You may not represent someone else’s work as your own. You may not buy, sell, or provide in any way, answers from graded assignments and exams to anyone else. You may not share your login information with anyone else other than the guarantor on the account, for the purpose of making course content available.

If you do not adhere to the honor system, you should expect disciplinary action, which may include retaking an exam or dropping a course for another. Repeated violations may result in invalidation of any exam grades and/or your dismissal from American School.

All materials published by American School are copyrighted. Supplying copies of questions and answers to other people is a violation of federal laws forbidding infringement of copyright and may be prosecuted thereunder. Therefore, you may not provide answers on exams to other people, whether they are students of American School or not.

By signing and submitting this application, you agree to follow American School’s Honor System.

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$200 Deposit, $900 Deposit, $1800 Deposit, $2700 Pay in Full

Homeschooling has taught me a lot of new things.  It has taught me self-discipline and made me take my studies more seriously than before.  I have learned to study properly.  The books and materials were very helpful.  It is a fun experience to do homeschooling.  Many people are amazed to know that I did homeschooling.  This has opened and changed a lot of people’s minds.

– Jekah from United Arab Emirates

American School has more to offer than any public school.  Two of my children, two of my grandchildren, and one niece completed their high school education with American School, and my sister and I are enrolled at the present time.

– Marilyn from Missouri

I learned a lot, and the skills are helping me in my college classes.

The most important thing I learned was how to schedule my time and organize my work.  The study guides helped to show me how much work to do at one time.  I’m glad to be part of American School.

– Peter from Illinois

I have found the methods, instruction, textbooks, study guides and service satisfactory because they are all up-to-date and made ready for me to learn.  I am greatly thankful for this service because now I can graduate early with all my credits in.  Thank you very much, American School!

– Ada from Michigan

American School was an easy yet efficient way to earn the extra credit I needed to graduate.

– Elizabeth from Illinois

I greatly enjoyed American School.  The instructors’ comments were very helpful.  I enjoyed this method of learning.  I feel I have learned a lot more than I did in public school.  I was able to keep up with school through all the moves I made without going through the hassle of switching school systems.  I enjoyed the honesty of the

instructors and the overall program.   I will recommend American School to anyone interested.

– Enoch from Texas

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American School’s innovative paper-based and online curriculum offers something for everyone in grades 6-12. Students can choose from more than 100 self-paced courses in traditional subjects such as English, math, social studies and science and take electives in such subject areas as business, career and technical education, fine arts, and world languages,


As a not-for-profit institution, American School puts students’ educations first. Our tuition is affordable—much lower than many other distance education and online high schools—and all textbooks and study materials are included at no additional cost.  Monthly payment plans are available for students in full years of American School’s middle school or high school program.

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When students are accepted at American School, they not only receive interesting curriculum at a reasonable cost from a pioneer in distance education; they also receive outstanding, caring student service.  Students may enroll anytime and work at their own pace.  Help is available from American School staff during business hours and around the clock in American School’s Online Student Center.


Founded in 1897, American School later became the first correspondence school to become regionally accredited. Today we are accredited by three reputable accrediting bodies and recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education as a non-public high school.  American School’s diploma is accepted by colleges and universities, and thousands of high schools use our courses for credit recovery.

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