Reminder About E-mail Addresses and Online Student Center Passwords

Many students and guarantors enjoy the convenience of the Online Student Center, where they can view grades and academic records, download help sheets, get links to homework web sites, contact instructors and other departments, and access online courses or exams.  All students (and guarantors of students in our diploma program) were sent code and password letters in the mail at the time of enrollment so that they may access the secure site.  Also at the time of enrollment, the e-mail address you gave us on your enrollment application was added to your student account.  If you provided us with a different e-mail address for your guarantor account, that e-mail address was added to your guarantor account at the time of enrollment as well.  If your e-mail has changed since the time of enrollment, we ask that you change it yourself in the Online Student Center using the link in the My American School box on the right side of the screen you see immediately after you log in to the Online Student Center.  That way, you can still receive grade notification e-mails that we sent to e-mail addresses associated with student accounts.  Having an accurate e-mail address on file is also important if you ever forget your password.  If you have fogotten your password, you can go to our Password Assistance page.  Enter the e-mail address associated with the account for which you need a password, followed by the security code on the screen, and your current password will be e-mailed to you momentarily.  If you do not have a code and password or an accurate e-mail addresses, please e-mail us your full name, student number, and whether you need a student password, a guarantor password, or both, and we will assist you.  For security reasons, new passwords will be sent to you in the regular mail.  The American School does not issue new passwords via phone or email.  The only way we will e-mail you a password is if you retrieve it yourself using the process described above.  Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope you enjoy all the benefits available to you in the Online Student Center.