Reminder About Sending Emails

In today's blog, we wanted to remind you of a couple things when you contact us via email.  First, you can find departmental email addresses in the Online Student Center.  Try to write to the department which best fits your needs, but don't worry if you do not.  All emails will be sent to the appropriate department.  What's more important is that you include your name and student number in every email you send us.  There may be several students with your same first and/or last name, but your student number is unique to you, so that's why we ask that you include it in every email you send us.  We also ask that you be as specific as possible when you write us.  Telling us exactly what you want will help us give you faster service.  Finally, it is our policy that we reply to all emails within one business day.  We do our best to adhere to this policy even during busier times of the year.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you.  We are very happy to have you as our student!

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