Reminder About Transcripts and Duplicate Diplomas

This week the focus of our blogs has been to remind you of some of our policies and some of the things you can do for yourself on our web site.  One of the most common questions we get has to do with sending American School transcripts to other schools.  It's asked so often that we put it as the second question on our FAQ page, just after information on our accreditation.  If you need a transcript, complete this form and follow the instructions on it.  If you need assistance, you may contact our Student Service Department and we will be happy to assist you.  In addition, please note that there is a difference between your transcript, which is an official record of your entire academic performance and includes such things as grades for individual subjects, and your diploma, which is a signed official document indicating that you graduated from the American School.  The American School is happy to provide you with as many transcripts you need at a cost of $5 each (after receiving the first one free), but as stated at the bottom of our FAQ page, we do not issue duplicate diplomas unless circumstances are deemed extraordinary.  Thank you for your cooperation with these matters and for allowing us to serve you during and after your time as our student.