Roberta Allen Presents “Waterfall” to American School










The recently-retired Roberta Allen wore many hats during her four-decade career with the American School, but, outside the office, she is an accomplished artist whose work has been exhibited in such places as Chicago and Southwest Michigan.  Yesterday she presented the American School with one such piece.  "Waterfall" now hangs in one of our two-story staircases.  We needed to hang it in a staircase because, as you can see, it is quite huge.  In the photo on the left, "Waterfall" towers above (left to right) Treasurer Vince Immordino, the artist herself, Curriculum Director Marie Limback and President Gary Masterton.  In the photo on the right, you get a view of "Waterfall" in all its glory.  Later in the day, we added next to "Waterfall" Roberta's artist statement, which describes the thought and design processes she went through as she painted on several large pieces of canvas to create the work.  We are grateful to Roberta for giving us this beautiful piece of art.  It is the latest of her countless contributions to the American School.