September 28 Deadline For AP Course Enrollment

Today's blog is a reminder that the deadline to enroll in AP courses for the 2018-19 academic year is this Friday, September 28.  Click here for more information and an enrollment application.  Normally we allow students to work at their own pace in online high school courses, but AP courses are more structured.  Everything builds towards the AP exams which are scheduled in the spring.  In order to give students adequate time to learn the material and prepare for the AP exam, we require at least eight months of study, which is why the deadline for this year's AP course is this coming Friday.  Adding an AP course as a senior would be a great addition to your accredited high school program.  You can take an AP course if you are working to earn a high school diploma at home with us or as part of an independent study high school program en route to a diploma from another school.  Either way, we hope you enroll by this Friday!