Reminder About Sending Us Transcripts

Last week we shared a blog about requesting transcripts from us if you are our student or graduate, but what if the situation is reversed and you wish to send us an official transcript from a previous school before enrolling in our accredited high school program?  We are happy to receive and evaluate such transcripts before you enroll.  In fact, if you have any high school credit at all, even a half-unit of credit, you should send us an official transcript.  Until you are officially our student, we cannot request a transcript, so you must contact your previous school and ask for one.  Your school may send one to us directly, or your school may give you one and ask you to send it to us.  You can send transcripts to us in three ways: mail, email or fax.  If a school gives you a transcript in a sealed envelope, please do not open it.  Doing so may make it unofficial.  When we receive the transcript, we'll evaluate it and give you credit for the vast majority of work already completed, and those credits will save you time and money as you earn a high school diploma at home.  Thank you for keeping these suggestions in mind as you begin the process of taking accredited online high school courses and accredited high school correspondence courses with us.