Today’s Special Occasion: The First Day of Winter

It’s December 21, and today is the first day of winter.  People often associate winter with cold and snow, but not having an accredited high school diploma can freeze you out of having the life you’ve always wanted for yourself and your family.  Thankfully American School can help you earn a high school diploma at home.  We offer a general high school program for students interested in attending a two-year college or joining the workforce after graduation.  We offer a college preparatory program for students planning to attend a four-year university after graduating.  Both contain 20 units of credit, and we can give you credit for classes taken at other schools provided the school is accredited and you send us an official transcript.  Don’t be left out in the cold without an education.  Enroll today and you could have a course or two completed by the first day of spring in March.

Today’s Birthday: Christopher Paolini

It's November 17, and American School graduate and best-selling author Christopher Paolini turns 37 years old today.  He graduated with an accredited high school diploma at the age of 15 and has gone on to write a series of novels, including four in the Eragon series, one of which was made into a feature film.  His latest book, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, made the best-seller list as well.  We are proud to call Christopher our graduate, and we would be proud to call you our graduate as well.  Students can enroll in our accredited high school program whenever they are ready to begin ninth grade, and it is possible for students to graduate at age 15 or even earlier.  Choose from high school correspondence courses or online high school courses and write your own story as an American School student!

Today’s Birthday: Alfred Nobel

It's October 21, and on this date in 1833, Alfred Nobel was born.  He was a Swedish scientist who invented dynamite and held 350 patents, and the wealth he accumulated from his career helped create the Nobel Prizes, which are awarded yearly for outstanding achievement in chemistry, economics, literature, medicine, peace and physics.  American School is proud to offer online and paper-based courses in many of those disciplines.  We can't guarantee you'll win a Nobel Prize, but we can guarantee that you'll learn valuable information and have the support of qualified instructors and friendly staff as you work toward your accredited high school diploma.  Enroll today!

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Today’s Birthday: Monty Hall

It's August 25, and game show host Monty Hall turns 94 years old today.  He's best known for hosting several incarnations of "Let's Make a Deal," a show on which he offered customers doors, curtains, boxes, billfolds, money market accounts and anything else that could contain a fabulous prize or a not-so-fabulous prize known as a zonk.  At the end of each episode, before he would give away money in quickie deals if people had in their possession random household items such as shoe horns, Monty would invite two contestants to compete for the big deal of the day, which was usually an expensive car or trip.  Believe it or not, there's high-level math and probability involved in picking the door that opens to the big deal.  Check out this link and see if you agree with the mathematician's findings.  We are grateful to have so many students who believe that American School is the best deal both academically and financially for themselves and their families.  Enroll today and we promise you no zonks en route to one of the biggest deals you'll ever win for yourself–your accredited high school diploma!

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NACAC Releases 2015 Fall National College Fair Schedule

The National Association for College Admission Counseling has released its fall national college fair schedule.  You may think you have an idea of where you'd like to attend college after earning your accredited high school diploma, but attending a college fair may open your eyes to possibilities you never knew existed. Be sure to check out the schedule in the link above and plan to attend a college fair near your hometown.  Remember, our school counselor can assist you with the college admissions process.

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Today’s Special Occasion: Cinco de Mayo

It's May 5, and many people are celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  One way you can celebrate is by adding one of our Spanish courses to your curriculum.  We have paper-based versions of Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 and even more online Spanish courses thanks to our partnership with Rosetta Stone.  Any of them will improve your Spanish language skills, teach you a little bit about Spanish and Mexican culture, and get you one step closer to your accredited high school diploma. 

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Today’s Special Occasion: National Arbor Day

It's April 24, and we're wrapping up our week of special occasions with National Arbor Day, which is annually celebrated on the last Friday in April.  After you take this quiz to determine what kind of tree you are, you may be in the mood to take exams that count for credit toward your accredited high school diploma.  If you like drawing trees and other outdoor scenes, why not take our Drawing Landscapes course?  Upon finishing it, you'll have a greater appreciation for trees, improved drawing skills, and another half unit of credit toward your diploma!

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Tomorrow’s Special Occasion: Earth Day

It's April 21, but we're looking forward to tomorrow and the annual celebration of Earth Day.  There are countless things we can do to preserve our planet, and you can learn even more by taking our paper-based Environmental Science course.  If you want the same content but wish to go a little greener, you can take our online Environmental Science course instead.  Both are worth one unit of credit and will get you one step closer to your accredited high school diploma. 

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