Today’s Special Occasion: Ask a Stupid Question Day

It's September 28, and today is the traditional date of the wacky holiday called Ask a Stupid Question Day.  It's a good time to remind you that there are no stupid questions and you should not be afraid to contact us should you need assistance with anything we do.  Have questions about our new online middle school courses and accredited middle school program?  Go ahead and ask us.  Do you want to know more about the best online high school courses or our paper-based courses?  Fire away.  Are you a past student and need help filling out college applications?  Let us know.  We're here to answer those questions and help you get the most out of your education.  Call us at 708-418-2800 or email us and you can expect a reply within one business day!

Today’s Special Occasion: International Day of Peace

It's September 21, and today is the International Day of Peace.  It's a good chance to remind you that students from more than 65 countries around the world take part in our accredited high school program.  Some take the best online high school courses while others do our high school correspondence courses, but all benefit from outstanding curriculum and caring student service.  If you live overseas, there are special enrollment applications you can use to complete the enrollment process.  No matter where you live, we look forward to having you as our student!    

Caroline Wozniacki Reaches Semifinals at U.S. Open

American School student Caroline Wozniacki came into this year's U.S. Open unseeded but left as a semifinalist, showing signs that her game is on the rebound after an uncharacteristic slow start to 2016.  She notched big wins over former U.S. Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova in the second round and eliminated rising star Madison Keys in the fourth round before losing to current world #1 Angelique Kerber in the semifinals.  We are proud of Caroline and grateful to have her as our student.  She is one of millions of students who have taken paper-based or online high school courses with us over the years.  Our students work on the the best online high school courses and best paper-based high school courses when and where it is convenient for them.  That is just one of the benefits American School students have after they enroll and begin to earn a high school diploma at home.  We would be happy to "serve" you just as we serve Caroline, other tennis players and other American School students all over the world.


Today’s Birthday: Ernest Rutherford

It's August 30, and scientist Ernest Rutherford was born on this date in 1871.  His particular area of expertise was nuclear physics and radiation.  He proved that atoms have most of their mass and charge concentrated in a single nucleus, and he also discovered and named the proton, which is a unit of positive charge in an atom.  After his death, his tributes included having an element named after him (appropriately called rutherfordium) and being buried in Westminster Abbey near other great British scientists.  If you want to learn more about Rutherford's work, consider taking some of our science courses.  The best online high school courses around include our online physics and chemistry courses.  They may be taken individually or as part of an online high school diploma program.  If you like working on paper, we have high school correspondence courses in physics and chemistry, including a chemistry lab course.  Again, those may be taken individually or as part of a correspondence high school diploma program.  We are proud to offer you courses in multiple formats so that you can learn in the way that is best for you.  We'd be even prouder to have you as our student, so enroll toay!  

Today’s Birthday: The Internet

It's August 23, and the Internet turns 25 years old today.  While we are pleased to offer a general high school program and a college preparatory program among our paper-based options and have no plans whatsoever to discontinue those options, we're excited to offer the best online high school courses and online middle school courses too.  Those courses, as well as this web site, this blog, our social media pages, the online student center and more, would not be possible without the Internet.  You can even enroll online and we encourage you to do so today!


Today’s Special Occasion: World Photo Day

It's August 19, and today is World Photo Day.  Since we offer the best online high school courses as well as the best correspondence high school courses, you're probably not surprised that we offer photography courses in both formats.  Our online Digital Photography course is among our more popular online high school courses, and our paper-based Photography course is among our more popular high school correspondence courses.  They may be taken individually for credit recovery or enrichment or as part of an accredited high school program that will result in you earning a diploma from American School.  If you picture yourself as a high school graduate, we invite you to enroll today. 

Today’s Special Occasion: The Olympics

It's August 5, and today is the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio.  In our nearly 120-year history, we've had several Olympians as our students, most notably tennis star Andre Agassi, who won a gold medal in 1996, and swimmer Katie Hoff, who won silver and bronze medals a few years later.  Olympians and other American School students take the best online high school courses and high school correspondence courses because we offer them the flexibility to work whenever and wherever they want.  Our students set their own schedules, and you can too after you enroll and become our student.  Although they are accredited by three reputable accrediting bodies, it won't take an Olympian effort to pass our courses, but just in case you need assistance, our instructors and support staff will be your coaches as you work toward the finish line of earning your high school diploma.  Join students in more than 65 countries around the world and become an American School student.  We'll be glad to have you on our team! 

Looking Back at 10 Years of ASCA Conferences

Yesterday's blog about the ASCA Conference this weekend in New Orleans got us thinking about previous ASCA events, and we realized that this year is the 10th anniversary of us having a booth at the ASCA Conference, making it our longest continuously attended show.  We've enjoyed meeting school counselors in Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Orlando and Phoenix and now look forward to adding New Orleans to that list.  Counselors are excited to learn about credit recovery through our independent study high school programs and dropout recovery through our correspondence high school diploma program or a diploma program with the best online high school courses, and we're just as excited to meet counselors in person and hear ideas on how we can become an even better distance education high school.  A lot has changed in a decade, including our recent addition of online middle school courses as part of an accredited middle school program, and we'll continue to look back on what's happened since 2006 in our Monday blog.  

American School Blog Returns

After being down for the count due to a power outage the past two days, American School's blog is back!  Hopefully you've missed our posts as much as we've missed writing them.  There's a lot going on here lately, not the least of which is the launch of online middle school courses that can be taken individually or as part of an accredited middle school program for grades 6 through 8.  There are other exciting things planned for the fall as we expand our online high school courses to offer you the best online high school courses around.  You'll be the first to know if you continue to read this blog.  Our return to blogging is a good time to let you know about some days that we will not have blogs in July.  Next week there will not be blogs on July 4 and July 6.  The following week there will not be blogs on July 13, July 14 and July 15.  We'll resume our normal daily blogs on July 18.  Thank you for reading our blog and for letting us be your distance education high school and middle school.

New U.S. History Course Available

American School is pleased to announce the release of a new paper-based United States History course.  It's one of many high school correspondence courses available for students who wish to earn a correspondence high school diploma.  We also offer the best online high school courses which may be taken to earn an online high school diploma for adults or children.  Don't go down in history as someone who didn't earn a high school diploma.  Enroll today!