Today’s Anniversary: St. Louis

It's February 15, and the city of St. Louis, Missouri was founded on this date all the way back in 1764.  Its most famous landmark, the Gateway Arch, didn't arrive until more than 200 years later and is the tallest man-made structure west of the Mississippi River.  You can think of American School as your gateway to a better life.  Our online high school diploma program or correspondence high school diploma program will allow you to get jobs that you couldn't obtain without sufficient education.  If you're not ready for high school, our accredited middle school program can serve as a gateway to grades 9-12.  Currently it consists of online middle school courses, but we will have a paper-based middle school program available later this year.  We look forward to promoting all of our offerings at a convention in St. Louis later this year, but that won't be our first convention this year.  We have a couple coming up next week, so check back soon to see where we're headed first in 2017!  

Today’s Birthday: Ernest Rutherford

It's August 30, and scientist Ernest Rutherford was born on this date in 1871.  His particular area of expertise was nuclear physics and radiation.  He proved that atoms have most of their mass and charge concentrated in a single nucleus, and he also discovered and named the proton, which is a unit of positive charge in an atom.  After his death, his tributes included having an element named after him (appropriately called rutherfordium) and being buried in Westminster Abbey near other great British scientists.  If you want to learn more about Rutherford's work, consider taking some of our science courses.  The best online high school courses around include our online physics and chemistry courses.  They may be taken individually or as part of an online high school diploma program.  If you like working on paper, we have high school correspondence courses in physics and chemistry, including a chemistry lab course.  Again, those may be taken individually or as part of a correspondence high school diploma program.  We are proud to offer you courses in multiple formats so that you can learn in the way that is best for you.  We'd be even prouder to have you as our student, so enroll toay!  

Looking Back at 10 Years of ASCA Conferences

Yesterday's blog about the ASCA Conference this weekend in New Orleans got us thinking about previous ASCA events, and we realized that this year is the 10th anniversary of us having a booth at the ASCA Conference, making it our longest continuously attended show.  We've enjoyed meeting school counselors in Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Orlando and Phoenix and now look forward to adding New Orleans to that list.  Counselors are excited to learn about credit recovery through our independent study high school programs and dropout recovery through our correspondence high school diploma program or a diploma program with the best online high school courses, and we're just as excited to meet counselors in person and hear ideas on how we can become an even better distance education high school.  A lot has changed in a decade, including our recent addition of online middle school courses as part of an accredited middle school program, and we'll continue to look back on what's happened since 2006 in our Monday blog.