July-August All American Newsletter Available

The July-August All American newsletter is now available, and it's our biggest issue of the year.  This edition features profiles of the 18 graduates who won scholarships this year and profiles of three other graduates who are ready to make their mark on the world.  We've also included a partial list of colleges and universities that have accepted American School graduates.  Take some time to read about your fellow students.  Like you, they've taken accredited online high school courses and correspondence high school courses to earn a high school diploma at home.  If you want a high school diploma online courses and correspondence courses are what we can offer you, along with affordable cost, caring student service and impeccable credibility.  Enroll today and you may find yourself in an upcoming All American

Today’s Anniversary: The Silver Dollar

It's February 16, and on this date in 1874, the silver dollar became legal tender.  Silver dollars are relatively obsolete in this era of paper money, credit cards and debit cards, but they're still an acceptable form of payment when paying for your American School courses.  We do our best to keep cost to an absolute minimum.  Our paper-based high school diploma program costs $2250 for 18 units of credit, while a high school diploma with online courses costs $3600 for 18 units of credit.  Individual online high school courses cost between $200 and $250, while high school correspondence courses typically cost between $150 and $300.  Monthly payment plans are available for students in our diploma programs.  Visit our enrollment page to download the application of your choice and get started today!  

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Today’s Special Occasion: Groundhog Day

It's February 2, and groundhogs everywhere are emerging from their dens to give their annual weather forecasts.  Today, like Punxsatawney Phil, American School's groundhog did not see his shadow since it's cloudy outside our office.  That means we'll have an early spring here, but the alternative–six more weeks of winter–shouldn't depress anyone.  That's because our students can work on their high school diploma online courses anytime from anywhere in any weather.  The same is true for our students who are working on their correspondence high school diplomas.  That flexibility is a major reason why millions have chosen us to be their distance education school.  We'd be happy to serve you as well.  Enroll today!   

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